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OMG Shakespeare Boxed Set
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Three of Shakespeare´s most popular plays . . . in texts?! The immortal William Shakespeare is given a fun, modern twist in this OMG Shakespeare boxed set! This hilarious boxed set includes three adaptations of Shakespeare´s most beloved tragedies: YOLO Juliet srsly Hamlet Macbeth killing it Imagine: What if Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, and Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had smartphones? To bae or not to bae? The real question is: How can you read while ROTFL?! If you <3 Shakespeare, don´t miss Romeo´s flirty texts to Juliet, Hamlet´s passive-aggressive status updates, or Macbeth´s reaction when the Great Birnam Wood checks in to his location. tl;dr William Shakespeare´s most famous plays told through the characters texting with emojis, posting photos, checking in at locations, and updating their relationship statuses. The perfect gift for any teen (or any reader with a sense of humor)! Glossaries and casts of characters are included for those who need it. For example: tl;dr means too long; didn´t read.

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